Our Energy Division is focused on Electric Power Generation Technologies, as well as the needs for proper management and ensuring energy continuity.
We base our activity on the constant evolution of technology and services applied to them.
We cover the whole chain from design, manufacture, supply, installation, integration and O&M through our Energy-Care Department.

We focus our activities in the sub-sectors:

Generating Sets.

  • 60 to 3000 kVA.
  • Soundproofing protected outdoor environments.
  • In Standard Containers.
  • Emergency and Continuity.
  • Dynamic UPS.
  • Fuel / Gas Oil.

Solar Panels, Wind Generators.

In special environments, where is difficult to supply electricity by traditional means with the required continuity and stability. We provide integrated solutions to Telcos, providing 99,9% of reliability. Integrating single solutions, two or even more sources of generation.

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